Dyson Vacuum Accessories

Although this popular brand is best known for their Dyson vacuum cleaners, they have also made a variety of other innovative home accessories.  Here are some of the awesome accessories and products that Dyson has to offer:

Fans & Heaters

These products are great for maintaining the temperatures in your home.  The thing that sets Dyson fans and heaters apart from other brands is that they are efficient and evenly distribute air through their bladeless design.

What are the benefits of having a fan or heater without any blades?

Easy to clean- The number one benefit of having a fan or heater without any blades is that you don’t have to clean it.  No matter how hard you try to clean off fans, getting in between all of the blades can be extremely difficult.  This prevents that problems and allows you to get rid of those dust and dirt collecting traditional fans.   Know more about this vacuum cleaner by reading these vacuum reviews.

Safety- Another huge benefit of having a fan or heater that contains no blades is that they are safe for children.  You won’t have to worry about traditional fans that contain moving blades that could tear off their small fingers.  It is easier for children to injure themselves with fans than adults because their hands are smaller and they are able to put their hands in the fan.

Option 1 – AM 01 Fan

This is the best option for someone who wants a fan for their little office space, or a room in their house.  It’d also be great for a children’s room, because you won’t have to worry about touching the inside of the fan.

Hand Dryers

Another amazing new product from Dyson is their hand dryers.  Benefits of the air blade dryers:

Good for the environment- The biggest benefit of these hand dryers is that they are awesome for our earth.  You don’t have to worry about wasting the paper towels that are made out of trees.  In addition to being good for the environment, you also won’t have to purchase paper towels again.  This will definitely save you some money.

Less Germs- Using a hand dryer is also a lot safer when it comes to germs.  Because hand towels are reused over and over again, there is a high potential of germs being left behind and spread to the next person.  Having this hand dryer in your home will prevent germs from spreading and keep all of the members in your family safe.

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